Yearbook Info

2024 LFO Yearbook Senior Deadlines

  1. Senior Portraits- Senior pictures can be made through Prestige Portraits/(423) 892-1332 by appt.  (YES, We accept Senior portraits from private companies/photographers other than Prestige/Lifetouch.) There will be a Fall Formal Photo Day at LFO. Date TBD. The Formal deadline is the end of the Fall Semester. 


  1. Senior Casual Photo- If you would like to have a senior casual other than the one taken by Jostens in the yearbook, please attach a photo, include your name exactly as you want it printed, and send it to [email protected].  If you do not send a casual photo, the one taken by Prestige will be used. Casuals are due by the end of the Fall Semester. 


  1. Senior Quotes- Quotes can be included under your casual photo. Use this link to submit your quote. Quotes are due by the end of the Fall Semester. 

  1. Please ensure quotes are school-appropriate and brief, about the length of a tweet. Quotes must be easily understood and cannot contain hidden references, private jokes, or specific references to other people. The yearbook reserves the right to edit, censor, or omit quotes without notice. Feel free to quote something important to you, be original, creative, positive, and cite your source. 


 4.  Senior Tribute Ads- Seniors are highlighted in the Senior Class photos,  but this is a personal dedication feature. Simply follow this link (or use the QR code below), scroll to locate yearbook recognition ads, and begin creating your memorable Senior Ad!  If you have questions, please email Kim Malone, [email protected], or contact Jostens. 


       5. Purchase a 2024 Yearbook- Follow this link.  

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