Spanish Honor Society

Spanish Honor Society Information and Membership Requirements


Regular Membership

To be inducted as a Regular Member of SHH, students must have completed at least three semesters of Spanish or Portuguese prior to induction with an honor average. Students must also be currently enrolled in Spanish or Portuguese and in the tenth grade or higher at the time of induction. Article III, Section 1 of the SHH Bylaws outlines the basic requirements for membership in the SHH. They are broad so that schools can use them as the minimum requirements and adapt or specify as needed for the individual school's grading scale and language program.

Each school chapter defines an honor average for their school's grading system. The SHH Advisory Board recommends the equivalent of 3.5 or higher. (Schools should determine if weighted grades may be used.)

In the Bylaws, a semester refers to .5 course credits. Therefore, students who have completed the first half of the second year of the language are eligible for induction.

Schools may choose to require more semesters of study prior to induction. (For example, schools may require that students be enrolled in Spanish III after having completed all of Spanish I and II to be inducted.)

Schools may request an exception to induct freshmen who enter high school in level 3 or higher by contacting the SHH Director.

If a student completes the highest levels Spanish or Portuguese courses available at the school prior to senior year, they may maintain full membership benefits.

If a student chooses to stop taking the language, then they become Associate Members with limited benefits (see below).

General Information

If a student meets the requirements of the SHH, they will be sent a formal invitation, by the chapter sponsor, to join the SHH. This invitation will only be sent to current seniors. Upon this letter, the student(s) will either choose to accept or decline the invitation. Upon acceptance, a fee of $30 will be required by each student to purchase a stole and SHH patch. These stoles will be distributed to each student prior to graduation, during the Class Night ceremony.


The chapter sponsor will need a list of each current senior that has completed Spanish I, II, III, and IV (if applicable). The grade earned for each class will also be needed in order for the class sponsor to determine if the average earned meets the requirements stated in order to be invited to the SHH. The list should include students going back four years. 

Contact Information

Sponsor: Pierce Lively

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 706-866-0316

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